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Prescription Assistance for Cymbalta

For the millions of Americans taking prescription medications to meet their daily wellness needs, the high costs of prescription medication can be especially discouraging during times of economic hardship. Prescription assistance is now available for patients prescribed Cymbalta to help cover those costs.

About Cymbalta
Produced by Eli Lilly and Company, Cymbalta is a medication prescribed to treat high anxiety, tension disorders, and major depressive disorders. It’s also used to relieve the pain associated with fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, and osteoarthritis.

Program Benefits
Cymbalta prescription assistance is offered through the Lilly Cares program. It is for a 12 month benefit period and eligible patients must reapply at the end of each period. Filled Cymbalta prescriptions will be sent to your doctor’s office where you can pick up your prescription. Keep in mind that your doctor must reorder each refill for your prescription each time it expires.

Who is Eligible?
In order to be eligible for the Cymbalta prescription assistance program, you must be a citizen or legal US resident, have a doctor’s prescription, be under 65 years old, and not be eligible for public or private prescription assistance. The Lily Cares program also requires that applicants’ gross household incomes be at or lower than three times the federal poverty level.

How to Apply for Benefits
When applying for Cymbalta prescription assistance, make sure to have copies of proof of income to include with the application form. A physician must also complete a portion of the form and sign a physician’s certification. Be sure to complete each section of the application entirely and answer questions as thoroughly as possible to avoid delaying the application process or having the application rejected for being incomplete.

Finding ways to pay for the prescription medications you need during times of financial hardship can be a stressful endeavor. Now there is help for those who have been prescribed Cymbalta through the Lilly Cares prescription assistance program.