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Patient Assistance Program for Cymbalta

Cymbalta is a medication that is used to treat cases of depression in adults. Those who cannot afford to pay for their prescription may be eligible for Cymbalta patient assistance through a program offered by the drug’s manufacturer, Eli Lilly and Company.

Basic Requirements
Those seeking Cymbalta patient assistance must meet certain income and demographic requirements. Eligible patients will not have any prescription drug insurance and cannot be eligible for government-sponsored healthcare. They must also be under age 65 and a resident of the United States. Eli Lilly also places certain income restrictions on applicants, requiring them to prove they have a financial hardship yet are unable to qualify for government programs that are intended to help those who are less fortunate.

Physician Involvement
Before Cymbalta patient assistance can be given, a doctor must fill out a portion of the application. After doing so, the patient fills out the rest of the form and attaches any necessary paperwork needed to prove income. If the individual qualifies for the program, Eli Lilly will ship up to a 120-day supply of Cymbalta to the physician’s office. That doctor will then alert the patient so that he or she can come in to the office and pick up the medication personally.

Annual Renewal
Once Cymbalta patient assistance is approved, a new order can be placed by filling out the form that comes along with each shipment. After one year, patients will be required to submit a new application for assistance. Upon doing so, they will also need to re-submit financial documents in order to prove they are still eligible for the program. The prescribing physician will also need to fill out his or her portion of the application again as well. Applications can be faxed to the company or they may be mailed directly to the Lilly Cares program, which is located in Centerville, VA.

The Lilly Cares program strives to help those who cannot afford their medication receive the assistance they need. Paying for prescription Cymbalta doesn’t have to be a struggle for those who qualify for assistance from this generous program.