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Copay Assistance Programs

Copay assistance programs help insured and uninsured patients reduce healthcare bills by covering part of the cost the patient is obliged to pay. If patients qualify medically and financially, they can get help with the copay costs for hospital treatment, outpatient treatment, medical equipment and prescriptions. Patients can get help for specific medications or specific diseases and save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Eligibility for Copay Programs
To qualify for copay programs, patients must be on a low income or lack medical insurance. They must also meet any other criteria particular to each program. Patients who already receive Medicare, Medicaid or similar programs are not eligible for assistance and it may not be available in certain states (such as Massachusetts) due to legislation.

Sponsors of Copay Programs
Charitable organizations help patients who are unable to meet their copay costs and pharmaceutical manufacturers provide financial assistance to patients using their drugs. Manufacturers offer help to patients to ensure they are able to use the brand name drugs instead of having to resort to generic brands due to cost restrictions.

Using Copay Assistance
Financial assistance is offered through a variety of formats including manufacturer coupons available online, through direct application to the program, via the doctor and using copay discount cards. Local pharmacists, hospital social workers and patient advocates are also a good source of information on where to find suitable programs for a particular condition or medication.

Copay assistance programs are an important benefit to patients with no insurance or those who do have health insurance but are still struggling to pay their copays due to low income, increasing prices and health insurance cutbacks. With the help of these programs, patients who would otherwise have been unable to pay for healthcare costs are able to continue the treatment they need.